Hunter Practice Course

Hunter Practice Course


The perfect event to hone your fundamentals for this hunting season. Shooters will be assembled in mini squads for a 2-3 mile hiking/shooting course. Multiple stages along the walking course with realistic animal targets at practical hunting distances. Find them, range them, and make the perfect shot! Round count is no more than 40, all hunting calibers welcome.

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Don’t waste the hunt of a lifetime. Come to the range and get prepared for your next adventure with our Hunter’s Practice Course!


Successful big game hunting requires commitment. A trip out west may be the only opportunity you get on that animal all year. Just like preparation of your equipment, good shooting practice is fundamental to coming home with a great trophy and a full freezer. Designed to allow hunters and practical shooters an opportunity to hone their shooting skills, our Hunter’s Practice Course features practical shooting positions and realistic target engagements to build confidence in their abilities and their shooting system performance.


The course is laid out over a 1.8 mile walking trail, and features 9 marked shooting stations with multiple animal shaped or vital zone sized targets at various distances. Natural obstacles at the shooting stations provide the shooter with opportunities to practice different positions and techniques, gaining critical knowledge and experience to make that future shot count.


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